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Make Up Artist for: Prenup & Wedding, Pre Debut & Debut, Music Videos, Commercials, Print Ads, Photo Shoot & creative make up

With the stroke of my make-up brushes and the modishness of my color pallettes, I could be every woman’s fairy godmother. I do make-up for weddings, debut, beauty pageants, fashion shows, and model photo shoots. I try to keep the flexibility to…

Jill Felix is a Manila trained Makeup Artist. She received her certificate Maquillage Professionnel School of Make Up Artistry. She does Makeup Artistry services for Events/Special Occassions, Weddings, and Television and Photography.

Cel Sabile took an IT course, following what some young ladies would envision as their key to success. However, she remained glued to her true fascinations, which are facial makeup, fashion clothing and accessories design. She continued to read…